Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Taylor Swift Surprised A Superfan Who's Losing Her Hearing

Their smiles say it all.

Jorja is a 12-year-old Taylor Swift superfan who, upong learning she was slowly losing her hearing, said, "I won’t be able to hear Taylor Swift sing." She was diagnosed with bilateral inner-ear loss earlier this year, as BuzzFeed News reports, and had hearing aids put in.

Her twin sister, Chloe, made a Facebook page called "Help Jorja Meet Taylor Swift In Sydney 2015" in hopes that Jorja could get to meet Tay before she loses her hearing completely, which doctors "can't stop," as their mother told BuzzFeed. Slowly, the page started racking up followers until it get the attention of Sydney radio station Nova 96.9.

On Saturday night, Jorja finally met Taylor at the concert in Sydney -- a feat arranged by Nova and successfully pulled off because of Chloe's commitment to the Facebook page.

"Taylor gave Jorja a massive hug!" a Facebook post detailing the show said. And the proof? Australia's "Today Show" has us covered.

Now that's a pair of smiles that will never go out of style.