'Arrow' Recap: Episode 2.04, "The Crucible"


By Ryan Rigley

Surprises a plenty in last night's "Arrow" as we were finally told the true identity of the masked vigilante known as the Black Canary. Picking up the episode with a hilarious juxtaposition of Felicity stalling Isabel Rochev and Oliver beating up armed thugs, "Crucible" begins with the former Starling City socialite showing up to his own event a little too fashionably late.

As Oliver talks to Isabel about the city's terrible gun problem, the District Attorney chimes in stating that he already knows where all of these thugs are getting their military-grade weapons: a crime lord that calls himself "The Mayor."

Back at the Arrowcave, Oliver discusses the Black Canary with Felicity and Diggle. Felicity then points out that the Black Canary hasn't been following Oliver, but actually Laurel Lance who has been on a crazy drinking-binge since last week's episode.

With that, Oliver meets up with the Black Canary on a desolate rooftop and she reveals herself to be none other than Sarah Lance, Laurel's sister who apparently died during the shipwreck of the Queen's Gambit but, in fact, somehow survived.

The next day, Oliver meets with Isabel Rochev and Sebastian Blood over at Queen Consolidated. Oliver is apparently still dead-set on doing his part to help the Glades and make good of his family's name. Blood agrees to Oliver's proposed fundraiser, but Isabel does not. Oliver resolves to use what little he has left of his personal funds in getting together the benefit.

On the other side of town, the District Attorney asks Laurel out to dinner. As he tries to get to know his assistant a little better, Laurel downs one too many glasses of wine and decides that it's time for her to leave. Of course, she gets pulled over for driving under the influence which prompts the arresting officer to call in Laurel's father. Despite his concern, Laurel storms off resolving to take a cab home instead.

Discovering that the stolen weapons in the Mayor's possession belong to a subsidiary of Queen Consolidated, Felicity manages to turn on the tracking device at the bottom of the weapons crate allowing for Oliver to find the Mayor's hideout. However, before Oliver can make it out of Verdant he's stopped by both Sarah who tells him not to tell her family that she's alive. Then, he's stopped by Sarah's father who asks Oliver to talk to Sarah's sister, Laurel.

In a flashback, Oliver wakes up on a jail boat just off the coast of Lian Yu. One of the security guards approaches his cell, asking if Oliver how many people are with him and if they've found a grave site. Oliver doesn't respond, causing the guard to shoot him in the stomach.

After unsuccessfully confronting Laurel about her drinking problem, Oliver heads over to his fundraiser for the Glades. Oliver has a heart to heart with Blood while Roy Harper introduces Thea Queen to the Black Canary's associate, Sin. Suddenly, the Mayor bursts in on a huge track filled to the brim with armed men. They shoot up the place, with Oliver saving Blood's life and Roy saving Sin's life.

Later, as Roy and Thea watch over an unconscious Sin in the hospital, Oliver recruits the help of Sarah Lance in order to take down the Mayor and his men. In the middle of purchasing several brand new grenade launchers, Green Arrow and the Black Canary break up the negotiations. The Mayor shoots a grenade at Oliver but he's quick to shoot an arrow right back at it. Eventually, Black Canary manages to get the Mayor by the throat and easily subdues him.

The next day, Sebastian Blood thanks Oliver for saving his life. Oliver then suggests that Blood run for mayor, to which Blood politely declines. Meanwhile, Officer Lance talks to a help group about his growing concern for his daughter as she's seen drinking a lot of wine and taking a lot of pills on the other side of town.

Then, in a flashback, Oliver removes the bullet from his body with the tools provided to him by the prison's staff. With that, he's carried out of his cell and brought before none other than Sarah Lance!

So not only is Sarah alive and well, but she's also been running around Starling City as a masked crime fighter. Also, there's the fact that Oliver totally knew Sarah was alive after apparently seeing her on the island way after the events of the shipwreck. We may have been given a lot of information in last night's episode, but there are still plenty more answers left to be uncovered. Lest we forget the big reveal at the end of the episode with Sebastian Blood turning out to be the villain known as Brother Blood!

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