'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Photo May Tease Cyclops' Return


By Alex Zalben

Does a new set photo from "X-Men: Days Of Future Past" tease the return of James Marsden's Cyclops? Well... Maybe. But let's explain why, or why not, a quick shot of a clapboard could indicate yet another X-Man getting resurrected from the dead in the movie universe.

As just posted on the mothership, there's new pictures of the X-sequel, including a sexy shot of Wolverine riddled with bullet holes, and an even sexier shot of Professor X and Magneto playing some groovy chess in the 1970's. But what caught our eye was a behind-the-scenes picture of Jennifer Lawrence (sans Mystique make-up) holding a clapboard for the movie.

Two important details pop out, if you stop looking at Jennifer Lawrence's radiant smile for just one frickin' second and zoom in on the clapboard:


First, there's the notation "HK Project," which is the codename for the production. Easter Eggs! Second, and way more importantly, look at the line-up of X-Men pictured on the clapboard. That's Professor X, Storm, Cyclops, Magneto, Mystique, Rogue, and Wolverine. And sure, it's an image taken from this poster for the first movie:


...But the choice of X-Men, given there's ten on the poster, and only seven on the clapboard is potentially significant, right? We know that every single one of the characters pictured on the clapboard are coming back for the Mutant sequel, except James Marsden's Cyclops, who died in "X-Men: The Last Stand." Except, Professor X also died in "The Last Stand," and he's coming back.

Yes, Bryan Singer has an explanation for that, and why Cyclops can't come back the same way. But: time travel. Science Fiction. Mutants. These are three entirely valid reasons and ways you could bring Cyclops back in "Days of Future Past."

Are we saying Marsden will have a full blown role in the sequel? Heck no, the movie is overstuffed as is. But given this little easter egg, we'd be shocked if he doesn't make a "surprise" cameo. You can't have a time travel movie without a few things changing, and Cyclops showing up, alive and well at the end of DoFP would be a great end to the movie, and a welcome return.

Regardless, stay tuned, as we may know more when the full trailer hits on October 29th.

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