'Arrow' Recap: Episode 2.03, "Broken Dolls"


By Ryan Rigley

Picking up exactly where "Identity" left off, last night's "Arrow," entitled "Broken Dolls," began with a hooded Oliver Queen completely surrounded by heavily armed policemen. At Laurel's command, the vigilante is about to be taken into custody when all of a sudden a female vigilante, Black Canary, busts into the room wiping out her "Canary Cry" which in the Arrow-verse is represented by a small handheld device that emits high-pitched frequencies.

With the Starling City policemen subdued, Arrow and Black Canary make their escape. As the Canary vanishes up a nearby fire escape, Oliver heads back to his Arrowcave to figure out the identity of this mysterious, new vigilante.

The next day, Officer Lance gets a call from police dispatch about a strange murder victim found on the other side of town. When Lance responds to the call, he's told to stay put. Ignoring his orders, Lance heads over to the crime scene anyway only to find that a notorious serial killer, the Dollmaker, from earlier in his career has escaped from prison.

Later, Lance meets Arrow on a rooftop asking for his help catching the Dollmaker. Due to the vigilante's new approach to crime-fighting, Lance is willing to work with him in order to bring the Dollmaker to justice. Oliver resolves to have Roy Harper help track down the Black Canary while he helps Lance clean the streets of Starling City.

The next day, Lance and the vigilante pay the Dollmaker's lawyer a visit in an attempt to find the serial killer's whereabouts. With Lance as good cop and Oliver as bad cop, the two manage to squeeze a location out of the lawyer. With that, they head over to the Bisque Museum only to find a porcelain doll waiting for them in the Dollmaker's room. Suddenly, Lance gets a phone call. It's the Dollmaker, who forces Lance to listen as he murders another innocent girl.

As the police analyze the Dollmaker's latest victim, Oliver and Lance come to the realization that the killer has been picking his victim's by their skin. That in mind, Felicity volunteers to act as the bait for Oliver and Lance's trap. Luring the killer out into the open, Lance chases the Dollmaker into a back alley but is then apprehended by the Starling City Police Department.

In a flashback, Oliver and Slade seek higher ground only to notice an unknown ship just off the coast of the island. Suddenly, the ship begins firing missiles at the island exactly where the two of them left Shado. As Oliver and Slade run back towards the camp, the two men are knocked unconscious by the blast from a missile hitting the island.

Back to present day, Laurel manages to get her father off easy. Clearly, she still has her reservations about him working with the vigilante. On the other side of town, Moira Queen is put on trial for the destruction of the Glades getting only a few minutes into the trial before the District Attorney pleads that she get the death penalty.

Meanwhile, Roy Harper finally manages to track down a friend of the Black Canary. After chasing her through the Glades and getting knocked unconscious, Roy wakes to find himself in the Black Canary's hideout. Then he gets a text message from Thea. Black Canary looks at his phone and decides to let him go after seeing that Officer Lance and Laurel have both been kidnapped by the Dollmaker.

With Laurel strapped into a death trap, the Dollmaker begins to pour hot plastic down the tube leading to her throat. However, a hooded Oliver shows up just in the nick of time shooting several arrows into the serial killer's torso. Then, the Black Canary shows up. The two vigilantes chase the Dollmaker until Oliver finally has him cornered but just as he's about to subdue him, Black Canary murders the Dollmaker in cold blood.

Seeing the vigilante come to her rescue once again, Laurel has a change of heart about him and realizes that it was her own fault that Tommy died that night. Oliver watches from afar as Officer Lance consoles his distraught daughter.

While we didn't learn much about Black Canary's identity in last night's episode, we did get a huge hint as to where she got her training. In one of the final scenes of "Broken Dolls," the Canary is visited by a masked man who claims that Ra's Al Ghul has sent him. Could this mean that the Black Canary is a former member of the League of Assassins? Also, does this mean that Ra's Al Ghul will have a cameo in the "Arrow" universe? Guess we'll just have to keep watching to find out!

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