'Arrow' Recap: Episode 2.02, "Identity"


By Ryan Rigley

Oliver Queen just can't seem to catch a break. Ever since last season's finale, the socialite turned superhero has had a pretty tough time protecting his beloved city. Last night's "Arrow," entitled "Identity," proved no different. Picking up the episode with some intense pull ups inside the Arrowcave, Oliver is then called into the Starling City Police Department, alongside his sister Thea, to pickup the rebellious Roy Harper, who has totaled his car whilst chasing after the Triad.

Laurel, who had been interrogating Roy about the vigilante (who will henceforth be known as Arrow), tells Oliver to talk some sense into the kid. From the looks of it, Laurel has had a complete change of heart, as far as Arrow is concerned, and will stop at nothing to see him behind bars.

Discovering that the medicine FEMA has been delivering to the Glades Memorial Hospital has been stolen, Oliver and Diggle pay the hospital a visit and encounter a spokesperson of the Glades, Sebastian Blood, who rallies protestors into a fury and leads the attack on Oliver's getaway car.

In a flashback, Oliver and Shado wade in a river sensually cleaning the blood off of each others' bodies. Then, they take their shirts off and start kissing each other passionately. Slade watches from a distance, clearly feeling a tad jealous of Oliver.

Back to the present, Felicity helps Oliver track down the next FEMA delivery and Oliver heads out to stop the Triad from stealing the hospital's medicine again. However, this time they've come prepared. As Arrow shows up in time to foil their plan, China White introduces him to their newest associate: the Bronze Tiger. The two men fight to a standstill before the police show up. Of course, Oliver escapes by throwing down a smoke pellet.

The next day, Oliver invites Sebastian Blood into his new office at Queen Consolidated. Despite his initial skepticism, Blood agrees to a fundraiser for the Glades held by Oliver Queen and his elitist friends. Later, Arrow pays Laurel a visit after hours in the District Attorney's office wherein he learns why she hates him now; she saw the vigilante fleeing the scene of Tommy's death.

At the Glades fundraiser, Laurel speaks to Sebastian Blood about Oliver and how he's missing from his own fundraiser. Oliver, who is running late, gets a call from Felicity informing him of another Triad attack. Oliver must now choose between the fundraiser and saving the medicine that the Triad plans on stealing. With that, Oliver suits up as Sebastian Blood takes to the microphone to talk about how terrible of a person Oliver Queen is.

On the other side of town, Arrow shows up for his rematch with the Bronze Tiger. As he fights the clawed madman, Diggle attempts to drive the truck full of medicine to safety but is stopped by China White. Oliver shoots the Bronze Tiger with an electrocuting arrow, knocking him unconscious, then shoots another trick arrow at China White, trapping her to a lamp post. China White realizes that Arrow has changed, due to the fact that he's left her alive.

Later that night, Arrow encounters Roy who has chosen vigilantism over his girlfriend, Thea. Arrow tells Roy to go home, but when Roy explains that he wants to help Arrow tells Roy to be his eyes and ears in the Glades. Then, he gives him a small red arrow to stick into the wall of the alley whenever he needs to contact the vigilante.

Then, for some reason, Oliver decides to pay Laurel another visit at the District Attorney's office despite her warning to never talk to her again. With that, Laurel reveals that she has the place surrounded and the vigilante is held at gunpoint by at least a dozen armed policemen.

While there's yet to be any further development on the mysterious Black Canary that appeared at the end of last week's episode, there have been some strides made towards Roy Harper becoming the Red Arrow. Also, as far as the flashbacks are concerned, Slade's spying on Oliver and Shado could be hinting at a dark future for the trio. Could Slade's jealousy towards Oliver explain why he becomes Oliver's nemesis by the end of their time on the island of Lian Yu?

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