'Amazing Spider-Man 2': We May See Vulture, Hydro Man, and Spider-Slayer In The New Movie!


By Charles Webb

Fans wondering what might be next for Sony's "Amazing Spider-Man" films would do well to keep an eye on their fake "Daily Bugle" site, where the studio appears to be teasing the next phase of villains for the steadily expanding film series. That next year's "Amazing Spider-Man 2" will provide the launchpad for some kind of Sinister Six story has been one of the (likely intentional) worst-kept secrets of that film, but thanks to the "Bugle," we might have some hints as to what bad guys will be joining Electro and the Rhino on the villainous super group.

In their October 14th post, the "Bugle" teased the Vulture, Hydro-Man, and possibly a little Spider-Slayer action thanks to developments at Oscorp in the wake of events from the first film. The article claims that in spite of the failing health of head Norman Osborne, the conglomerate is currently developing a prototype flight harness under the direction of scientist Spencer Smythe and a new alternative energy source "complete with hydroelectric tower."

The Vulture and Hydro-Man are two of the clear candidates to tangle with our hero in future "Amazing Spider-Man" films: the former an elderly thief who makes off with a flight harness to commit his crimes, the latter, a sailor who is accidentally given control of water in an accident involving Spidey. Smythe might take a little more work to build up, a brilliant scientist who is hired by J. Jonah Jameson to develop robots which can capture (and kill) Spider-Man.

One of the more curious teases from an earlier post involves a "Big Man" attempting to organize crime in New York following the events of the first film. While one might think this would point to Daredevil villain (and frequent Spider-Man foe) the Kingpin, it's likely that Sony might not have access to the character who was bundled up over at Fox but has reverted to Marvel/Disney following that studio's failure to get a second "Daredevil" film off the ground. Without a current "Daredevil" project in active development of their own, would Marvel/Disney let the Kingpin do his thing over at Sony? Stranger deals have been struck. Could the "Big Man" tease be a feint for the slow reveal of the Kingpin?

But first, to understand who the Big Man is, you have to go further back in Spider-Man's crime-fighting history.

Big Man is the alter ego of Frederick Foswell, a "Daily Bugle" reporter with a sideline as a member of the criminal gang, the Enforcers. Making his debut in 1964's "Amazing Spider-Man" #10, Foswell would find himself on both sides of the law after stints in prison. The character would alternately attempt to combat and control organized crime in New York before literal big man the Kingpin/AKA businessman Wislon Fisk entered the scene some years later. It would be a curious choice to introduce Fisk given that Spider-Man/Peter Parker's primary antagonist, Norman Osborne/the Green Goblin has yet to make an appearance in the franchise reboot (the character is ailing in this continuity and, we're guessing, likely to make his debut thanks to some wonder drug that ultimately turns him into his flame-spewing "Ultimate" incarnation).

This (increasingly crowded) road map could very well be the work of "Amazing Spider-Man 2" writers Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Jeff Pinker who have been re-enlisted to write the third and fourth entries in the series. Whether all of this planning leads to the introduction of the Sinister Six or a standalone movie featuring the villains remains to be seen.

"Amazing Spider-Man 2" will be in theaters May 2nd, 2014.

[Source: Screen Rant]

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