Is 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Headed For A Super-Villain Team-Up?


By Alex Zalben

This is pure speculation on my part, based on a pair of "Z"s in a recently released "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." title, but are we headed for our first super-villain team-up? Potential spoilers for the series past this point:

As just announced, episode 6 of AoS will feature Titus Welliver, reprising his role as Agent Blake from the Marvel One-Shot short, "Item 47." We don't know a lot more about the episode, except it's called "FZZT." That title alone, though, suggests a few things:

- Looks like we'll finally get a Fitz focused episode, though we imagine things aren't going so well for our little tech nerd.

- That title sure reminds us of Hulk villain Zzzax.

...Which, mind you, is a pretty tenuous connection to make, but here's more fuel for the fire: Zzzax, a being made out of pure electricity, teamed up fellow villain Graviton in the comics to take down the West Coast Avengers. And as we all know, Graviton, aka Dr. Franklin Hall, made his debut in last week's episode of AoS.

Furthermore, in the comics, Graviton assembled a team to represent the four fundamental forces of the Unified Field Theory: Gravity; Electricity; Weak; and Strong. Which yes, is the nerdiest possible reason for assembling a super-villain team, but come on: science.

So we've already met Graviton. We may meet Zzzax in episode six. Can the other two, Quantum and Half-Life, be far behind?

We'll just have to stay tuned...

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