Warner Brothers CEO Needs 'To Get Wonder Woman On The Big Screen'

Wonder Woman

by Alex Zalben

Among the many things new Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara is being lauded for, let's add 'openness' to the list. The normally closed-mouth studio has suddenly become a wellspring of info, particularly for fans of DC superhero movies—as over the weekend, Tsujihara indicated that Wonder Woman is a big priority for the studio.

Speaking at an entertainment law conference, Tsujihara said that not only was the absence of non-Superman or Batman related movies a "missed opportunity," but also that, "We need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV."

It isn't for lack of trying, though. Wonder Woman has been in development for TV at least twice. David E. Kelley developed a pilot for NBC back in 2011, starring Adrianne Palicki as the star-spangled Justice Leaguer. Though few people have actually seen the pilot, the script was leaked to much derision from fans, lambasting it as "'Ally McBeal' with superpowers."

That's a quote from me, by the way. No one else said that.

Then earlier this year, rumors were flying that a teen Wonder Woman reboot titled "Amazon" was being developed for The CW. That also got scuttled, though no word on whether it was "'Boston Legal' with superpowers."

Regardless, fans have been demanding a Wonder Woman movie for years now, and with Tsujihara on board, it looks like that might happen sooner rather than later. And as long as it happens, who cares if it's good, right? Right, Wonder Woman fans? Yeah? High five?

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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