Thor Loses All Hope For Loki In First 'Dark World' Clip

by Brett White

"Thor: The Dark World" season 'tis upon us! The time has come for Marvel to start releasing clip after clip from this fall's Marvel movie, all in the hopes of getting us pumped up for the "Thor" sequel. Newsflash, Marvel: it's working.

This clip features a lot of bits we've previously seen in trailers, now with all the rest of the dramatic tension intact. If you've somehow forgotten just how good Tom Hiddleston is as Loki, then this minute of footage will remind you that he's an incredibly captivating actor—even when he's just listening! And I gotta mention Thor himself; it's possible that the "dark" in the film's title refers just as much to Chris Hemsworth's performance, because dude is bringing new layers of inner pain to his performance. Things are not well between these two bros.

Check out the clip below, and start counting off the days until "Thor: The Dark World's" November 8th release date.

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