Villains Who Think They Aren't Villains Are Our Hero Of The Week!


by Alex Zalben

It's been a great week for villains. From the announcement today that DC Comics' Villains Month (where bad guys took over all of the Publisher's titles for thirty days) sold more than four million copies, to Walter White finally Breaking his final Bad, anti-heroes are the new heroes. For that reason—and way more, which we'll list below—villains who don't think they're villains are our hero of the week! Also, it just sounded nice and weird.

Read on for a rundown of all the bad guy goodness we could fit into a seven day period:

» 'Guardians of the Galaxy': 'Everybody Is A Bad Guy' Says Karen Gillan The former "Doctor Who" companion, turned villainous Nebula in Marvel's upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy" told Total Film that "everybody is a bad guy," in the upcoming movie... including the film's heroes.

» 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past': Peter Dinklage 'Didn't Want To Play The Villain' Dinklage, who plays Sentinel inventor Bolivar Trask in 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past,' doesn't think his character is the bad guy of the movie, either. He's ambitious and arrogant according to the actor, but not necessarily bad.

» 'Thor: The Dark World': Tom Hiddleston Unpacks Loki's 'Suitcase of Pain' Actor Tom Hiddleston discussed how, sure, his Asgardian god is a psychopath... but he's a psychopath with a heart. Hiddleston acknowledges that Loki can be the bad guy, but has found a way to humanize the character for himself. Oh, and to have fun while he's doing it.

» 'Thor: The Dark World': Meet The Mighty Avenger's New Villains Seriously, does no one in 'Thor: The Dark World' think they're the bad guy? Maybe Erik Selvig? Darcy? Anyway, turns out the Dark Elves—the new baddies led by Christopher Eccleston's Malekith—also think they're doing the right thing. Sigh. You guys, one of you has to be the villain, can you make up your minds?

Welcome to Hero of the Week, our weekly salute to the heroes keeping the comic book, movie and television scene something to look forward to day in and day out. From actual superheroes to the actors and filmmakers who bring them to life, you can tell us who your heroes are in the comments and on Twitter!

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