'Constantine': 5 Villains For The NBC TV Series


by Ryan Rigley

While Marvel Studios might be killing it in the feature films department, Warner Bros. and DC have their sights set on conquering the small screen. Last week, two new DC comics-inspired TV series were announced including "Gotham" on Fox, and "Constantine" on NBC. This, of course, would be in addition to the already successful "Arrow" series on the CW as well as the planned "Flash" spin-off series.

Known for his vulgarity and constant chain-smoking, John Constantine is certainly an odd choice for prime time television. However, with shows like "Supernatural" and "Grimm" still going strong, we think "Constantine" has a great chance of being another occult mystery-solving masterpiece. That said, here's a look at five supernatural entities that we hope to see on the "Constantine" series!

The First of the Fallen

The true ruler of Hell, the First of the Fallen is known by many names. To those that inhabit the mortal realm, he's known as Satan. The First has attempted, on numerous accounts, to claim the soul of John Constantine. The First of the Fallen actually holds a personal grudge against the occult detective for tricking him into losing possession of one of Constantine's close friend's soul.


Giving Constantine a small portion of his demon blood in an effort to trap him in Hell, the entity known as Nergal is actually somewhat responsible for Constantine's original foray into magic. After a failed exorcism in Newcastle, Nergal was accidentally summoned to Earth and plagued the occult detective until Constantine was able to lure him to the gates of Heaven where he was punished quite severely.


With the sole purpose of conquering the world and bringing forth Armageddon, the Anti-Christ has clashed with John Constantine on several occasions now. Each time, he returns in a new, unrecognizable form. When last he battled the detective, the Anti-Christ possessed the son of a powerful gangster with the hopes of impregnating a man named Harry with the new Anti-Christ.


A genderless shapeshifter from the Babylonian era, Julian's favorite past times include inflicting pain on innocent humans and making Constantine's life a never-ending nightmare. In its true form, Julian resembles a giant, hulking demon with four sagging breasts and hair-like tentacles. We don't imagine NBC would go for the more HBO-ish parts of this character's look, but hey, you never know!

The Demon Constantine

In an effort to escape being trapped in Hell by the First of the Fallen, John Constantine conjures a creature composed of all of the negative emotions within himself. This "Demon Constantine" was then condemned to Hell in Constantine's stead. However, since then, the Demon Constantine has returned to Earth several times now with the hopes of exacting his revenge on his mortal counterpart.

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