'Criminal' Writer Ed Brubaker On Why Director Kim Jee-Woon Is The Right Choice

Criminal Coward

by Alex Zalben

Good news, "Criminal" fans! Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' first volume of the hit comic book series, "Coward," may have previously been heading slowly to movie theaters, but as of yesterday it made a big leap forward: acclaimed director Kim Jee-Woon has joined the production.

"My first reaction was shock," Brubaker told us over e-mail, "Because I love his work, and when [producers] Jamie [Patricof] and Lynette [Howell] sent me a short list of directors and I saw his name on it, I had to double-check he was really interested. Anyone who saw 'A Bittersweet Life' will know exactly why he's right for this movie."

The South Korean Director has helmed six features in his home country since 1998, and only recently made the breakthrough to US Cinema with the Arnold Schwarzenegger starring "The Last Stand." And despite the language barrier, Jee-Woon is working hard with Brubaker (who also wrote the script for the movie).

"I just spent a week in LA going over Jee-Woon's notes with him and his translators and talking about all of that," continued Brubaker. "I'm doing a bit of a polish on the script for him right now, actually, and we've discussed how the film will look and the tone. He's got a really cool vision for what he wants to do, and I imagine I'll be on set for as much of the shoot as I can be, in case there need to be changes made."

That's a stark difference from even a short decade ago, when comic book writers would be lucky if they got free tickets to go see their own movie. Brubaker has been slowly building up his Hollywood cred, writing the web series "Angel of Death." Still that doesn't mean he has the clout to do several "Criminal" movies back-to-back, "Lord of the Rings" style:

"We haven't discussed it yet, but the producers have a first option right on the next book in the series, so anything is possible," said Brubaker.

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