New Boom!/20th Century Fox Deal Ensures That The 'Jack Kirbys' Get Paid

Boom Studios

by Brett White

That big "boom" you heard was the sound of up-and-coming comic book company Boom! Studios closing an unprecedented deal with movie studio giant 20th Century Fox.

As revealed by The Hollywood Reporter, the Boom!/Fox partnership comes hot on the heels of the success of the Mark Wahlberg/Denzel Washington late-summer action film "2 Guns," a property based on a Boom! Studios series from 2007. The deal marks a big win for comic book companies and creators. Under the new deal, Boom! Studios will get first-dollar gross from Fox movies based on its properties. Those earnings will then be split up in half, with the publisher and the comic book creators each getting paid.

As Boom!'s founder and CEO Ross Richie told THR, this marks a huge step forward in the way comic book creators have been treated after their work has hit the big screen. "In an era where ['Avengers' co-creator and artist] Jack Kirby doesn't get paid for 'The Avengers,' we are bringing the Jack Kirbys into the circle," said Richie. "They can use our expertise in the field while they focus on being creative."

In addition to the hefty payday now possible for those on the comic book end should a Boom! movie be a box office hit, Boom! now has exclusive access to Fox's wide range of properties to make comics out of. Then, in true snake-eating-its-tail fashion, Fox can then turn Boom!'s adaptation of a Fox property into a new feature film. This deal has layers y'all. And if it means that Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko's utterly fantastic "Planet of the Apes" comics can find their way to the big screen, then this is the best deal ever.

This deal makes a lot of sense considering the amount of Boom! properties that have been greenlit in the last few months. Universal optioned "Day Men" back in August, possibly making it the last non-Fox/Boom! pairing ever. Then just a few weeks ago, Fox optioned "Unthinkable" as a television series. There are plenty of other great series in Boom!'s bank just waiting to get the greenlight, including the sci-fi action property "Hypernaturals" (from Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, the two guys behind "Guardians of the Galaxy's" rebirth over at Marvel) and Mark Waid's entire "Irredeemable" empire.

The deal also gives Fox access to properties owned by Archaia Entertainment, a fellow comic book publisher recently acquired by Boom! Studios. I wouldn't be surprised if David E. Petersen's epic "Mouse Guard" gets the go-ahead soon.

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