'Gotham': 5 Jim Gordon Stories Fit For TV

Jim Gordon

by Ryan Rigley

Last week was pretty monumental for Warner Bros. and DC as far as television goes. Not only is "Arrow" returning to the CW with a second season later this year, with future plans for a "Flash" spin-off series, but NBC and now Fox have officially announced their plans to develop a "Constantine" and a Jim Gordon-centric "Gotham" TV series respectively.

Taking place years before the Dark Knight ever took to the streets of Gotham City, "Gotham" will star a young James "Jim" Gordon as he works his way up from lowly detective to commissioner of the entire Gotham City Police Department. The fact that Gordon will be the main character of "Gotham" makes complete sense to us here at Splash Page. After all, he's had a number of great starring roles in the comic books throughout the years. You can check out some of the best Jim Gordon stories past the jump!

Batman: Year One ("Batman" #404-407, 1987)

Featuring a bright-eyed, young Jim Gordon that has just moved to Gotham City, "Batman: Year One" recounts the first meeting and partnership between Gordon and the Dark Knight. This story also gives us a glimpse at a Gotham free of costumes or extravagant psychopaths, favoring the seedy underworld of mob bosses and crime families instead—something that "Gotham" is sure to be chock full of even if it won't use Batman.

The Black Mirror / The Skeleton Cases ("Detective Comics" #871-873, 2011)

Family is a very important aspect of Gordon's life that must be brought to the foreground in a show like "Gotham." In the recent story arc titled "The Black Mirror," Gordon's family is put under a spotlight when his deranged son, James Jr., returns to Gotham City and reveals to his father that he is a murderous psychopath of the highest caliber.

In "The Skeleton Cases," Sgt. Bullock calls Gordon to the Gotham City Aviary where Jim learns that his psycho son is back in town. In a flashback, he recalls a case in which the Gotham City Police Department was after a maniac known as the Peter Pan Killer. Eventually, it's revealed that the Peter Pan Killer, at one point, broke into Gordon's home with the intentions of kidnapping and murdering a young James Jr.

Officer Down ("Batman" #587 & Various, 2001)

After Jim Gordon is mysteriously shot in the back three times by an unseen assailant, Batman questions the one witness to the crime, Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman. While it's a stretch to expect an appearance from the Dark Knight on the "Gotham" series, let alone Catwoman, an episode where Gordon is put on the sidelines shouldn't be entirely out of the question.

The Killing Joke (1988)

Arguably the worst moment in Jim Gordon's life, the Joker pays Gordon's daughter Barbara (Batgirl) an unexpected visit, shooting and crippling her forever—at least until the New 52 reboot. After kidnapping Jim and subjecting him to physical and emotional torture, the Joker shows Jim pictures of what he did to his daughter in an attempt to drive the Commissioner complete and utterly insane.

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