'Arrow': Guess Which Familiar Face Is Returning In Season 2?


by Alex Zalben

First up: spoiler warning for those of you who haven't finished "Arrow's" first season. Hurry up, because the show comes back in less than two weeks! If you are caught up, keep reading.

Looks like dead doesn't necessarily mean dead, in the DC TV Universe at least. After the climactic events of last season's finale, "Arrow" season two will welcome the return of a certain Dark Archer. Yup, John Barrowman—who played Big Bad Malcolm Merlyn—will return.

Season One of Arrow ended with a battle between Barrowman and Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen. Merlyn was fatally wounded, and seemed to die on screen, right before revealing the presence of an earthquake device—an earthquake device that could only be stopped by...arrows. Which was a big flaw in his plan, and he died for forever—except he didn't at all!

This isn't a huge shock—Barrowman said he'd be returning to a crowd of fans at this year's DragonCon, as well as hinting loudly to the crowd at San Diego Comic-Con—but The CW and TV Line have confirmed that Barrowman is, indeed, reprising his role in season two. No word on whether it will be through a flashback, dream sequence, or just to hang out at the craft services table, but time will tell.

Meanwhile, actor Dylan Neal will also join the cast as Dr. Anthony Ivo, another villain. This casting seems to tip "Arrow" season two firmly in the realm of superheroics, as, in the comics at least, Ivo likes to creates androids—like the power stealing Amazo. Actually, Android doubles would make a pretty convincing explanation for Merlyn's return, wouldn't it? Too bad the only way of stopping one of Ivo's androids is with... arrows.

Look for more news on "Arrow" season two as we shoot straight towards a bullseye of a premiere on October 9th at 8 p.m. ET on the CW. Meanwhile, here's a poster we made of Barrowman with his shirt off to hold you over until then.


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