Comics On TV: 'Blade: The Series'


by Ryan Rigley

Terrible news for Luke Cage fans last week as Terry Crews has officially taken himself out of the running for Marvel's Power Man. "Everybody's like, 'I want to play this superhero character, that superhero character,'" Crews states in a recent interview with Black Film. "I'd rather make up my own. Make a brand new one, you know. 'Blade' was basically a failed character. That comic book didn't do very well."

While it is a shame to hear that Crews is uninterested in portraying Luke Cage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he does have a point as far as "Blade's" non-movie endeavors go. Although the vampire hunter has been the star of several ongoing comic series in the past, he never really took off until the "Blade" movie was released back in 1998, which went on to spawn two sequel films and even a live-action TV series. But to prove Crews' right, those two successful films led to a dud of a third film and this short-lived series from Spike TV.

Series Statistics

Network: Spike

Broadcast Date: 2006

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 12

Starring Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones as the titular Daywalker, "Blade: The Series" was the first original scripted series to air on Spike TV. Prior to Spike greenlighting the project, Showtime actually had plans to produce a "Blade" television series with Wesley Snipes reprising his role which were canceled all together due to legal issues Snipes had with New Line.

Although the two hour-long pilot episode, penned by David S. Goyer and Geoff Johns, garnered 2.5 millions viewers, making "Blade" the most-watched original series premiere on Spike, the series was ultimately unable to hold those numbers and just after 11 episodes "Blade: The Series" was canceled.

Notable Episodes


After returning from her service in Iraq, Krista Starr learns that her fraternal twin brother, Zack, has died under very mysterious circumstances. Enlisting the help of Blade, the two seek out a vampire named Marcus Van Sciver who turns out to be Zack's murderer and a member of the House of Cthon.


Vengeance comes full circle as Blade finds himself in the clutches of a group of vampires called Bad Blood, each member being a vampire that Blade himself has created in the first place.

Angels & Demons

The vampire Marcus seeks to gain Krista's love and compassion by way of detailing to her exactly how he was initially turned into a vampire.


After Charlotte and Thorne fall victim to an unexpected airplane crash, Blade and company must investigate the wreckage for clues and survivors.


In the series finale, Marcus plans a full-scale military attack on all of the pureblood vampires of the world leaving Blade to reluctantly fight on behalf of those whom he'd rather see dead by his hand.

Still not convinced that "Blade: The Series" is worth a watch? Well then, check out the first five minutes of the pilot episode in which Blade takes on a Russian vampire.

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