'Guardians Of The Galaxy': Djimon Hounsou Speaks, Karen Gillan Wraps

Korath Nebula

by Brett White

If you didn't know that fellow Academy Award nominated actors like John C. Reilly, Benicio Del Toro, and Glenn Close were involved in Marvel's upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy," then respected actor Djimon Hounsou's involvement in a movie that also stars a machine-gun-toting raccoon might seem a little bizarre. But when you look at the wider, eclectic cast, it all somehow makes sense and goes a long way towards making "Guardians" the Marvel movie to watch.

Hounsou recently talked about his role as the Kree warrior Korath the Pursuer to the Source, and just how he got involved in the Marvel movie-verse.

"I was called in and when I met them and talked about various characters and the director James Gunn is somebody I really like and wanted to work with and so this was a great opportunity to be part of something that I can remember, something that can be instrumental for my son."

Director James Gunn is also known for his offbeat humor, which "Guardians of the Galaxy" reportedly is chock full of. When asked about the film's comedic parts, Hounsou told Screen Crush that he spent more time thinking about all of the components of the film.

"I'm not really concentrating or thinking about the comedy aspect," explained Hounsou. "I'm just thinking about the variety of flavorful work, if you will. And again, the Marvel world always is interesting for anybody, really. And for your son to see you almost like a superhero, I mean I'm not playing a superhero but like, you know, to see you in that sort of like world is quite fun."

Housou also revealed that he only has one more week on set, something that his co-star Karen Gillan—who plays the deadly mercenary Nebula—can no longer claim.

Gunn gave us a hint as to which side of Gillan we'll be seeing onscreen, and it seems like the actress may have gotten in touch with her inner Dirty Harry.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" opens on August 1st, 2014.

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