'The Wolverine': New Hot Toys Figure To Lure Endless Wave of Ninjas to Barbie's Malibu Mansion

Wolverine Hot Toy

by Paul Montgomery

Plasticine Ken only looks more milquetoast with the arrival of Hot Toys' upcoming 1/6th scale figure, the spittin' image of Hugh Jackman in his recent outing to Japan in "The Wolverine." If the movie's any indication, this little guy will play well with your grizzliest old teddy bears—unless they catch a tainted Nerf dart and go on a spree through an unsuspecting toy chest. In that case, he'll have to put them down with your choice of bone or adamantium claws, or even a tiny metal katana. Is Hot Toys Snake Eyes starting to sweat? We think he is.

Check out pics of the newest Hot Toy after the jump.

Logan arrives in his all-black formal attire, ideal for traditional funeral ceremonies (phony fronts or the genuine article) and the inevitable ninja-catered reception. That structured Men's Warehouse of Kyoto ensemble serves just as well in horseplay atop modern bullet trains. We can't wait to set up the ol' Fisher Price locomotive and set Logan loose around this year's X-Mas tree.


You can also choose to conceal Jackman's ferocious abs beneath a white tank-top. Note: We have no photographic evidence of said abs—glistening or otherwise—in 1/6th scale.


We also don't know if there's a shaving retinue, but that's likely in the manual.


A wide assortment of hands might lend other Hot Toys a Mr. Potato Head complex, but here it serves to replicate Logan's healing factor. Off goes one mitt, on pops another with a reassuring "Snikt!"


Hot Toys' "The Wolverine" also shreds through the red tape and licensing agreements that keep his onscreen counterpart from joining "Marvel's The Avengers" characters like Cap and Black Widow for photo ops. Though Jackman recently pined that the studios come together for a cinematic crossover, such team-ups are only likely to happen on the shelves of collectors. Hot Toys Hulk, you up for a fastball special?

Look for Hot Toys "The Wolverine" and his pair of tiny black socks in mid to late 2014.

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