'Thor: The Dark World' Unleashes Malekith's Army In New Poster


by Brett White

When a movie has a cast that's packed with great characters both old and new, that movie is bound to have approximately one bajillion posters. "Thor: The Dark World" proves that rule to be true, as it has just released two more posters featuring Heimdall and Malekith. In his second character poster, the dark elf played by Christopher Eccleston is not riding solo. He's backed up by his army of super creepy minions, all wearing those ghastly emotionless masks.

Heimdall finally gets a "Dark World" poster, showing off Idris Elba's sword-swinging gatekeeper in all of his golden-armored glory. After only a few brief scenes in the first "Thor," we're hoping Heimdall gets a bit more to do—and from the looks of the latest TV spot, we may have our hopes fulfilled.

You can check out the two new posters, as well as a new featurette featuring interviews with Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth, after the jump.



[via Comic Book Movie]

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