Rumor: Is 'Superman Vs. Batman' Secretly Searching For Its Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman

by Brett White

Has Marvel and DC's current game of one-upmanship led to DC secretly adding Wonder Woman to the cast of Zack Snyder's 2015 "Man of Steel" sequel? That's the rumor currently swirling around a few Hollywood agencies as they send actresses out for a very specific—and very vague—role in the upcoming team-up/throw-down film.

Bleeding Cool has reported that the role is for a woman in her late '20s or early '30s who has to appear physically strong, which sounds a lot like the casting call for Batman's love interest that that was rumored to be circulating earlier this month. Bleeding Cool wonders what other female role would require this much secrecy, unless the role is actually for the film's villain and not a love interest/woman of wonder.

Before Tuesday night, I would not have given this rumor a second thought, but things have changed in the past few months. It seems like DC got a taste of Marvel-movie-esque success with "Man of Steel" and now they're gunning for the competition—hard.

DC started by announcing the still-untitled Superman and Batman movie, in a move that seems pulled right out of the Avengers playbook. Then on Tuesday night, as "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." debuted after months of anticipation, DC stole their thunder by announcing "Gotham," a TV show starring young Jim Gordon and set to air on Fox. With these two announcements, it sure seems like DC is either playing catch-up or copycat with Marvel.

But what about Wonder Woman? A female-lead superhero movie has been a hot topic lately, and DC could steal a lot of Marvel's thunder by getting a Wonder Woman movie out before Marvel can pull off a Captain Marvel/Black Widow/She-Hulk/Squirrel Girl jam. Putting Wonder Woman in "Superman vs. Batman" would mean that the company is catching up to Marvel, who has put more action-oriented women in their films than DC. Wonder Woman is also DC's trump card; she's the female superhero. If this is a competition—and DC's constant hot-on-the-heels announcements make it sure seem like it is—then Wonder Woman is a potential home run for them.

It's also puzzling that the film doesn't have a title yet. If they are secretly casting Wonder Woman, it would not surprise me if they're waiting to have an actress cast so they can officially announce the film as "DC's Trinity" to signify it's three leading characters. I gotta admit, that would be pretty awesome.

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