Experience 'Locke & Key's' Final Days Before Its Big Screen Rebirth

Locke and Key


Even though "Locke & Key's" life as a major motion picture is just now beginning, its time as a comic book is coming to a close. The IDW Publishing series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez about a family falling prey to the darkly mysterious Keyhouse and it's supernatural inhabitants hasamassed a legion of devoted followers—followers that Universal hopes will follow the film to the big screen. "Locke & Key" is still in development over at Universal, but producer Alex Kurtzman teased that the project has a new writer on board.

Now MTV Geek has painstakingly documented the comic book's final days, as one chapter of its existence ends. In their two-part video series, MTV Geek interviews the creative team and editor Chris Ryall about the comic in part one, and then travels to Miami to watch as Hill and Rodriguez work together in person for the first time in part two. It's worth a watch for devoted "Locke & Key" fans, but a word of warning for those of you that have yet to pick up book one—there are spoilers a-plenty in the videos, so watch at your own risk!