'Gotham' Casting Call: Who Should Play Jim Gordon?


Well, that happened fast!

Hours after our comprehensive "Gotham Central" casting call went live, word spread that Fox has committed to a series order for "Gotham," centered on a young Gotham City detective named Jim Gordon before he ever met the shadowy Batman. So, clearly, MTV Splash Page is wholly responsible for "Gotham" happening. You're welcome.

Now that the "whose responsible this" question has been answered, let's address another question: who is going to play Gordon? That's a tough nut to crack, but we're giving it a shot after the break.


Bryan Cranston

Let's just get the obvious one out of the way. "Breaking Bad" is ending. Cranston's voiced Gordon before. He rocks the mustache-glasses combo better than most. Pie-in-the-sky, this is the best it can get. Will it happen? Not likely. Cranston's career is hotter than ever, and the man has a bright feature-film future ahead of him. Besides, how do you go back to television so soon after headlining what's arguably the greatest television series of all time? You probably don't. But we can hope.


James Wolk

Historically, Fox and Wolk don't mix well. Sure, they make a quality product — "Lone Star" was widely praised when it debuted in 2010. But nobody watched it. Probably won't be a problem for "Gotham," since, you know, Batman. Indeed, Wolk would be a badass Bruce Wayne, but he would be an equally badass young Gordon. If Fox is aiming younger for its leading man, they won't find a better pick than the artist sometimes known as Bob Benson.


Christopher Meloni

He's already on a Fox sitcom. Let's pull him off of that and put the erstwhile Elliott Stabler back on the force. Few working actors can oscillate between menacing presence and warm empathy the way Meloni can. That's on full display in Stabler alone, but see the ridiculous range between Meloni's comedic characters like Gene the cook in "Wet Hot American Summer" and the murdering sociopath Chris Keller on "Oz." Meloni brings name recognition in addition to a whole lot of qualities that make him perfect for Gordon.


Damian Lewis

Where in the world is Nicholas Brody? Maybe … Gotham City? Sure, like Meloni, Lewis is otherwise occupied, but his "Homeland" expiration date has to be coming up soon-ish. (Unless "Homeland" goes full "24," in which case, expect Brody to survive improbable odds for many years to come.) He's got the look, he's got the chops, he's got the marquee power. Lewis would be a fantastic Gordon.


Ryan Hurst

Hard to imagine shaggy outlaw Opie Winston playing a straight-laced beat cop? Actually, not really. There is so much soul and passion and gravitas in this young man, all of which are essential qualities in whoever plays Gordon. Like Lewis, he's got the reddish hair to boot. On top of this, his most recent TV series "King & Maxwell" was just canceled. Other than Cranston, Hurst is my man for the job. Fox, give the guy a call.

Who would you cast as Jim Gordon? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter!