'Man Of Steel' Controversy: David Goyer Went Where Few Superman Writers Have Dared

Man of Steel

by Brett White

It's been a few months since "Man of Steel" opened in theaters and crushed the box office along with the expectations of a vocal section of Superman super-fans. That third act left a lot of fans divided, as it's dark finale stood in stark contrast to last summer's more upbeat "Avengers."

Director Zack Snyder has addressed the film's love affair with falling buildings, and now screenwriter David Goyer has offered up his take on the other controversial element found in the film's final moments. I'll go on and put it after the jump, for the half dozen of you that haven't seen the film yet and are still avoiding spoilers.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Goyer opened up about the decision to have Superman kill General Zod, pretty much saying that he doesn't agree with the classic "Superman doesn't kill" rule that so many previous writers have adhered to.

"We were pretty sure that was going to be controversial," said Goyer. "It's not like we were deluding ourselves, and we weren't just doing it to be cool. We felt, in the case of Zod, we wanted to put the character in an impossible situation and make an impossible choice... So the situation was, Zod says 'I'm not going to stop until you kill me or I kill you.' The reality is no prison on the planet could hold him and in our film Superman can't fly to the moon, and we didn't want to come up with that crutch."

But if so many other writers have been fine with that crutch, what made Goyer decide that his metaphorical leg had healed?

"This is one area, and I've written comic books as well and this is where I disagree with some of my fellow comic book writers—'Superman doesn't kill'. It's a rule that exists outside of the narrative and I just don't believe in rules like that. I believe when you're writing film or television, you can't rely on a crutch or rule that exists outside of the narrative of the film."

Was Goyer right? You can judge for yourself when "Man of Steel" is released on Blu-ray on November 12th.

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