'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Internet Round Up: Doing Math Problems And Eating Hearts

Guardians of the Galaxy

by Brett White

It's been a little while since we checked in on the various internet rumblings surrounding next year's "Guardians of the Galaxy," and while no big announcements have been made, Comic Book Movie has brought a few new interesting updates to our attention. While there are no ferrets this time around, there is another cuddly creature involved with "Guardians."

Director James Gunn confirmed Karen Gillan's (a.k.a. Nebula) Tweet with his own, which also includes a link to a picture.

Next up, photographer James Beddoes revealed a bit of info regarding Lee Pace's portrayal of Ronan via his Instagram

Can't believe I just got to look at official production still from guardians of the galaxy of Ronan and Nebula

I can't describe how cool they look and how much it made my day! The costumes look so amazing, Lee Pace is going to be amazing as Ronan, he looks even cooler then Thanos did in Avengers!

He has a lot of prosthetics on his forehead & chin but you can tell it's his face, his skin is a similar blue color to Mystique in the X-men films!

All of that sounds awesome, but when will we get to see those pics? Come on, "Guardians," give us something!

Benicio Del Toro sure seems to be giving his role as The Collector his all, according to a Tweet via Gunn's Twitter account.

The Collector also has a sidekick, played by Ophelia Lovibond. We haven't heard much about the actress' involvement since she was cast way back in April. Now James Gunn has opened up a bit about the actress via his Spring.me page.

She's got a great role and she is AWESOME.

Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt, has proven that he could also play Math-Lord with his latest progress report tweet. They're in the home stretch!

Lastly, Guard the Galaxy posted a pic of a crew t-shirt from the production, showing off a Nova Corps logo. The pic comes courtesy of designer Jamie Bakewell.

Nova shirt

[via Comic Book Movie]

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