Terry Crews Takes Himself Out Of The Running To Play Luke Cage

Terry Crews

by Brett White

If you're another die hard Luke Cage fan readying a petition to get "Expendables" star Terry Crews hired for the role, hold that thought. In a recent interview with Black Film, Crews discussed the superhero movie genre and whether or not he's ready to suit up alongside the Avengers, should Marvel come calling. Power Man fans, it does not look good.

"Well, first of all, I'm trying to take myself outta that running," admitted Crews. "Because everybody's like, 'I want to play this superhero character, that superhero character.' I'd rather make up my own. Make a brand new one, you know. 'Blade' was basically a failed character. That comic book didn't do very well."

Whoah there, imagined internet-petition-maker, before you start blasting Crews for dissing Blade, remember that he kind of has a point. If he's talking about Blade as a comic book character, then he's right. The character has never had an ongoing series last more than a year, despite his relatively regular appearances in other Marvel Comics. The movies, though, were incredibly successful (at least the first two were) and did a lot to prove that movies based on comic books can be taken seriously. Without "Blade" in 1998, it's entirely possible we wouldn't have gotten "X-Men" in 2000.

All of this is beside the main point, though, which is that Crews is open to bringing something new to the superhero genre by making something original, and he doesn't want a character's involvement to feel forced.

"No, what I’m saying is that you can still find different ways to make that," he continued. "I think everybody's is forcing this 'Power Man,' Luke Cage thing. Man, it's obvious, Marvel, for some reason, is not getting down with it. He's being ignored. Hey man, he was probably in the 'Avengers.' What can I say? You can't force it on him. The market's going to tell you what's going on. So apparently they felt like, 'we don’t really have to.'"

Luke Cage is almost right up there with Captain Marvel and Black Panther when it comes to Avengers fans want to see on the big screen. Fans are vocal for these characters because they want to see something other than the white dudes that have led every other Marvel Studios film. So no, you can't force Luke Cage on the public, but I actually think it's something that Avengers fans, Marvel fans, movie fans, and comic book fans want. The fact that "Avengers: Age of Ultron" is adding Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to the team over more people of color, though, doesn't look good—especially as the exclusion of great characters like Luke Cage and Black Panther becomes more glaring.

But things might be slowly changing for Marvel with "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," a film that counts no fewer than three women and two African American men in its principle cast.

"I know they're bringing the Falcon in on one of these [films]... Yeah, my boy [Anthony] Mackie’s going to play the Falcon, which is good," enthused Crews, before clarifying his stance on a future hero role. "If it's right for me, it's right."

As big of a bummer as it is that we're not getting some diversity in "Avengers: Age of Ultron," my only hope is that the rest of Phase Three will intro all-new types of heroes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because Luke Cage, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel all deserve solo films.

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