'Justice League' Doesn't Have To Be A Movie, Hints 'Arrow's' Stephen Amell

Arrowby Brett White

While talking to Digital Spy, "Arrow" leading man Stephen Amell was faced with a question fans have been wanting the answer to for a while now: with a "Justice League" motion picture most likely in the pipeline, would he be interested in bringing Oliver Queen to the big screen?

"I'd sweep their floors," joked Amell. "Any opportunity to be a part of the Justice League movie as Green Arrow or otherwise, it would be really exciting, but it doesn't have to be a movie. We are doing a—we're working in concert with DC and the better we do, the more successful our show is, the more opportunities we're going to get to perhaps have members of the Justice League on our show."

They've already landed one Leaguer—the Flash. Grant Gustin nabbed the role last week and he'll appear in three season two episodes before possible spinning off into his own series. The show also has a new Black Canary, played by Caity Lotz, and a ton of bad guys just waiting to give the vigilante trouble.

With "Arrow's" expanded cast, Amell remarked how the show has changed since it's debut last year, going from a small scale operation to one of the biggest live action representations of the DC Comics universe ever seen.

"I got the inkling, sort of the itch, to re-familiarize myself [with old episodes], and it's an entirely different show," said Amell. "There's like a bad guy of the week, there's voiceover, which [Oliver's bodyguard] Diggle became my voiceover, basically. There are so many aspects of the show that are different."

You can check out the rest of the interview below to hear Amell's thoughts on the long-lasting repercussions of season one's finale.

If that interview has you craving more of "Arrow" season 2, then hopefully this official promo from the CW will help. It's only thirty seconds long, sure, but it contains some of the leaping, punching, and vigilante-ing we've been missing all summer.

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