New Hot Toys Figures Show The Duality Of Batman

Hot Toys Batman

by Brett White

When Ben Affleck was initially cast as Batman, I wondered which Batman the Academy Award winner would play since there have been so many different interpretations. To further illustrate this point, Hot Toys has just released two new sets of pictures of their latest oh-man-they-look-so-real action figures, both of which are of the caped crusader—but from two very different time periods!

Both Christian Bale's Batman from "The Dark Knight Rises" and Adam West's classic Batman from the 60s TV series are getting ultra-detailed, highly articulated figures that perfectly capture everything that made each interpretation of the superhero special. But you know what, these Batmen really aren't so different when you think about it.

They both come with Batarangs.


They both come with other totally essential crime-fighting tools.


They both can strike an intimidating pose.

Batman pose

They both have a steely gaze.


But only one Batman has the ultimate accessory—Robin, the boy wonder! Batman '66 has the edge!

Batman Robin

But the other Batman does come with a Bruce Wayne head and cool gun!


Looks like a tie to me! Sorry, dynamic duo.


For more pics of each, check out Hot Toys' Facebook page.

[via Toy News International and Comics Alliance]

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