Gina Torres: 5 Roles For The Would-Be Wonder Woman

Gina Torres

by Brett White

In an interview with Vulture, actress Gina Torres revealed that she was both aware of and flattered by fans that have been championing her to play Wonder Woman. The iconic hero still doesn't have a feature film in the works, unlike seemingly every other big name DC hero. The actress, best known for her role as Zoe on Joss Whedon's "Firefly," would be a perfect big screen Diana—after all, Torres is no stranger to playing bad ass women.

But why limit the actress to just Wonder Woman? What other superheroes could she bring to life—and could Marvel or Fox possibly snatch her up first? Here are five characters other than Wonder Woman that Torres could play.



This is a no-brainer. The first thing everyone should know about Storm shouldn't be that she has white hair, or that she can control the weather; the first thing everyone should know about Storm is that she gets things done. There is no X-Man more confident than her, there is no X-Man more unwavering in her convictions, Storm is the team's soul. So far on the big screen she's been relegated to the sidelines, left to a few lines of dialogue and displays of power while Wolverine took all the attention. Storm deserves that attention, because she is a character that commands it. If Gina Torres can pull off playing Wonder Woman—and I bet she can—then she could easily kill it as Storm.



Even though she's a bona fide Stan Lee and Jack Kirby creation that's been around for almost fifty years, Medusa has rarely been in the spotlight. All that's changed recently during Matt Fraction and Mike Allred's run on "FF," where the hair-manipulating Inhuman has filled the role of regal matriarch to a ragtag group of super genius kids. This interpretation of Medusa is so much more than the favored wife of Inhuman ruler Black Bolt—she's an experienced veteran who wishes to pass that knowledge on. Torres can easily mix the world-weariness befitting someone of Medusa's station and toss in hints of nurturing and kindness as well (as seen when she played the creepy big bad in "Angel's" fourth season). And with an Inhumans film rumored to be in the works, Marvel would be wise to enlist Torres.


Misty Knight

Unlike Storm and Medusa, when Misty Knight fights, she gets up close and personal. As the mastermind behind one of Marvel's many Heroes For Hire operations (the other is run by Luke Cage in "Mighty Avengers"), Misty often uses her connections to match missions to various street level heroes best suited to the task. She currently acts as the co-lead of "Fearless Defenders" alongside the Asgardian Valkyrie. That character is pretty similar to Zoe, a character that Torres owned during her previous stint in the Whedon-verse.



If Gina Torres is going to ever assemble alongside the Avengers, then it should be as Monica Rambeau, the former Captain Marvel who has used her energy manipulation abilities as the leader of teams like Nextwave and, yes, the Avengers. If anyone's going to steal the spotlight from Iron Man and Captain America, the Avengers' current charisma twin head honchos, it should be Torres. Rambeau's a no-nonsense character, and I think we all want to see her call out Tony Stark's braggadocio.


Big Barda

As one of Jack Kirby's New Gods, Big Barda has carved out a niche in the DC Universe as a heavy-hitting heroine on the power level of Wonder Woman. While DC doesn't appear to have any plans for a Wonder Woman film soon, maybe they have plans for Darkseid, meaning that maybe there's room for another resident of the planet Apokolips. Plus, Barda's about seven feet tall in the DC Comics, and while Torres is nowhere close to that, she is 5'10". Her height puts her in the upper reaches of actresses, and would help give the character the imposing feel she needs.

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