'Arrow' Season 2: David Ramsey Opens Up About Playing Oliver Queen's 'Moral Compass'



With so many new cast members and guest stars lined up to both help and hurt Oliver Queen in "Arrow's" second season, it's easy to overlook the show's returning characters. But John Diggle, Queen's bodyguard played by David Ramsey, is not a character to forget, as the actor revealed in an exclusive interview with MTV Geek. "Oliver... needs a moral compass so that the vigilante can become Green Arrow," said Ramsey, referencing the lead character's slow growth into the superhero archer fans love.

Diggle's a character that's seen his fair share of action thanks to his history as a solider, and that experience has enabled him to try his hardest to prepare Oliver Queen for the rough vigilante road ahead of him. "I think one of the first things [Diggle tells Ollie] is that he has no idea what killing another man does to one's soul." With so many new foes ahead, Oliver's going to need all the help he can get.

For more insight into "Arrow's" second season—and John Diggle's role in it—head on over to MTV Geek for the full interview.