'Unthinkable' Creator Mark Sable Reveals Why The Boom! Series Is Perfect For TV



Following the "2 Guns" feature film and the recently optioned "Day Men," it now looks like Boom! Studios is expanding into television with "Unthinkable." According to The Hollywood Reporter, The 2009 limited series by Mark Sable and Julian Totino Tedesco is being developed for Fox by Howard Gordon of "24," "X-Files" and "Homeland" fame.

The story of an FBI agent tasked with working alongside a screenwriter in an attempt to prevent terrorist scenarios may seem a bit like ABC's current series "Castle," as comic book writer Sable told MTV Geek in an exclusive interview. "On the one hand he's the perfect TV hero. Who better to stop a terrorist scenario than the guy who dreamed it up."

As far-fetched as the premise might seem, Sable revealed that it's all based in reality. "After 9/11, the government really did put together a think tank of screenwriters and novelists trying to come up with worst case terrorist scenarios before the bad guys did."

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