'Arrow': Michael Jai White Brings His A-Game For Bronze Tiger

Bronze Tiger

by Brett White

With all of the recent casting news, it's clear that "Arrow's" second season has already kicked into high gear—and the season premiere is still weeks away! In a new interview with TV Guide, executive producer Marc Guggenheim opened up about a new recurring threat to Arrow's Starling City: Michael Jai White's Bronze Tiger.

"He's basically the best of the best, so he has come to Starling City to see if the Hood can give him a challenge," said Guggenheim. The contest of champions is set to take place in the season's second episode, which is set to air on October 16th. But Bronze Tiger won't exactly be playing it solo when he debuts, Guggenheim explains. "To that end, he has aligned himself with China White [played by Kelly Hu] and the Chinese Triad."

Guggenheim had nothing but praise for the new recurring character, who can be seen tussling with Stephen Amell's Arrow in the above promo photo.

"Michael Jai White is playing Bronze Tiger and he is such a badass," said Guggenheim. "His performance, our kick-ass stunt department, our incredibly talented costumer designer, and our very gifted props master...they've all combined their A-games to create a really great representation of this DC Comics character."

Bronze Tiger first appeared way back in the 1974 novel "Dragon's Fists," written by Denny O'Neil and Jim Berry. He made his comic book debut a year later in "Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter" #1. He went on to be associated with both the League of Assassins and the Suicide Squad, two groups that will most likely play a key role in "Arrow's" second season; the fifth episode of the second season is titled "League of Assassins" and the Suicide Squad leader, Amanda Waller, has already been cast.

"Arrow" returns to the CW on October 9th.

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