Scarlett Johansson Teases 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier's' 'Strange' Pairing

Black Widow

by Brett White

While talking to Super Hero Hype to promote her next film, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "Don Jon," Scarlett Johansson opened up about the unexpected pairing found at the heart of next year's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

"The pairing is strange on paper," said Johansson, "but you'll understand the pairing when you see 'Cap 2' and of course Marvel's really good at noticing those connections [between characters] too! They will continue to build on the different relationships that audiences connect to."

Last year's "Marvel's the Avengers" was packed with unexpected pairings, including Hulk and Iron Man's super popular bromance. But Cap and Black Widow's interactions didn't stand out as much as Black Widow and Hawkeye's—unless you watch "Avengers" looking for it. Black Widow is the first Avenger Cap meets, the two fight side-by-side during the battle of New York City, and Cap even gives her the boost she needs to pull off one of the film's most daring stunts—catching a ride on a Chitauri sky-chariot. Johansson says all of those subtle connections between every character was writer/director Joss Whedon's intention.

"Of course in 'Avengers' particularly you start to see the relationships forming between these characters, and all of us have very specific relationships with one another," explained Johansson. "Of course we all know how we feel about one another. We work and all use each other in different ways. We all have very specific opinions about one another. I think that Joss laid the groundwork for a lot of interesting connections. That's why the audiences are so intrigued by that film because they love to see how these characters react to each other that come from completely different universes."

But just how close will Black Widow and Captain America get in the sequel? Some on-set photos have revealed spoilers, spoilers that could be misleading. We'll know more when "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" opens on April 4, 2014.

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