Five More Film-Worthy Mark Millar Series


by Ryan Rigley

First "Kick-Ass," then "X-Men: First Class," and now the upcoming adaptation of comic book writer Mark Millar's "Secret Service." If director Matthew Vaughn wasn't a comic book movie icon before, he certainly will be now. Last week, Variety broke the news of actress Sophie Cookson signing on as the female lead of "Secret Service" alongside the relatively unknown Taron Egerton.

Based on the graphic novel by Mark Millar, "Secret Service" details the events following a veteran superspy as he takes a bratty, young upstart under his wing. Millar is, of course, no stranger to the world of comic book movies. After all, his series "Wanted," Kick-Ass," and "Kick-Ass 2" have already been turned into major motion pictures. With that, here's a look at five more Millar properties just ripe for the big screen!


What if Batman was the Joker? Illustrated by Steve McNiven, "Nemesis" stars a rich Batman-like supervillain hellbent on killing as many F.B.I. agents and government officials as possible all in the name of having a good time. The rights to make a "Nemesis" film have actually already been purchased by 20th Century Fox, with director Joe Carnahan attached to helm the project.


One of Millar's more kid-friendly series, "Superior" revolves around a handicapped 12-year old boy named Simon Pooni who is turned into his favorite superhero via a magical wish-granting astronaut monkey—who later turns out to be a demon. Simon is given the opportunity to remain in his Superior form in exchange for his mortal soul. Matthew Vaughn actually owns the rights to make the "Superior" film, having acquired them back in 2011.


Illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu, "Supercrooks" sees a group of out of work supervillains traveling out of the country for one last job. Utilizing their combined talents, the Supercrooks plot to steal a massive amount of money from one of the biggest crime lords in the world. Sort of like an evil "Ocean's Eleven." A "Supercrooks" movie has also been rumored to be in the works, with director Nacho Vigalondo recruited to helm the project.

War Heroes

Taking place in an alternate universe during the events of the coalition wars between Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States expands its War on Terror after a nuclear bomb is detonated in our nation's capitol. With American morale at an all time low, U.S. military officials begin distributing mysterious pills to their soldiers granting them each with a different superpower. "War Heroes" was picked up by Universal back in 2011, but things have been quiet for the in-development film ever since..

Jupiter's Legacy

Starring the world's first super family, "Jupiter's Legacy" has been described, by Millar, as a "Creator-Owned Superhero Event." The series revolves around a second generation of superheroes—whose parents are essentially the Justice League—and focuses on the different ways that their children deal with their parents' notoriety. So far there have only been two issues, but with art by Frank Quitely and a story rich in comic book tropes and mythology "Jupiter's Legacy" is already worthy of a big time adaptation.

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