'Locke & Key' Movie Gets New Writer, Alex Kurtzman Says

Locke and Key

The beginning of the end is upon us — at least as far as "Locke & Key" is concerned.

Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's celebrated comic book releases its penultimate issue, "Locke & Key: Alpha" #1, this week. But even as the comic draws to a close, the story is set for new life in the form of a film from Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the writers behind "Star Trek Into Darkness" and next summer's "Amazing Spider-Man 2."

Kurtzman spoke with Collider about the progress of the "Locke & Key" movie set up at Universal, saying that the project is being taken very seriously.

"We're really, really serious," he said. "In fact, we have locked down on a writer who really came up with a brilliant way to take the best of the first couple graphic novels and play out a complete first movie story with a lot of promise of future movies, which is really our goal."

Kurtzman couldn't say who the writer is — only that the scribe is "very close" to a deal and hopefully the news "will be out soon."

"I believe in it so much, and I believe in Joe Hill," Kurtzman said of the "Locke & Key" movie. "All I want is to make that movie."

This is the first big update since Universal announced it would work on turning the property into a feature film. That news came after the disappointing end result of the comic book's television pilot, which Fox passed on way back in May 2011. A big screen adaptation will surely lessen the pain of the failed pilot, as long as it actually gets made. Fingers crossed this new writer is a step in the right direction!

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