Ellen Page In Negotiations For 'Queen & Country' Lead

Ellen Page

by Brett White

Ellen Page is dipping her toes into a second comic book franchise—and this time it will be as the lead. Variety has reported that the actress currently playing Kitty Pryde in Fox's X-Men film franchise is in negotiations to headline the adaptation of Greg Rucka's spy-series "Queen and Country," originally published by Oni Press.

The film focuses on Tara Chace, an agent for England's Special Operations Section of the SIS, as she tries to stop a terrorist plot. The film is being eyed for a potential franchise, possibly in the vein of the "Bourne" series. Variety also reports that giving Page a franchise has been in the works for a long time, after working with the actress on a number of different projects.

"Queen and Country" the comic boko series published 32 issues between 2001 and 2007, all written by Rucka with art by Steve Rolston, Chris Samnee, Mike Norton, Brian Hurtt and more. The property has been floating around Hollywood for a while; we previously reported waaaaay back in 2009 that writer Ryan Condal was taking a second pass over a script written by John Moore. Now it looks like the script is being penned by John Rogers, of TNT's "Leverage" fame.

It should go without saying that Rucka is one of the best comic book writers of the modern era and that anything involving his work should be treated with the utmost excitement. Sure his work doesn't have the best track record on the big screen yet (remember "Whiteout"?), but Alan Moore's doesn't either. Ellen Page is a fantastic actress and it's about time Hollywood had a spy franchise with a female lead. Fingers crossed that this one's a winner.

And if it is, and Page proves she can draw a big action box office, then maybe that Kitty Pryde movie won't seem so far-fetched.

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