‘Superman Vs. Batman’: 5 Girlfriends For The Dark Knight

by Ryan Rigley

So far, we know two key things about the “Man of Steel” sequel. First and foremost, it will feature Batman (played by Academy Award winner, Ben Affleck). Second, the sequel will at least be partially filmed in Detroit. Now, thanks to Latino Review, there’s a rumor that Batfleck will also have a love interest.

Although the casting call put out for Bruce’s lady friend is oddly specific (late 20’s, possessing physicality), we still have no idea as to who this so-called “love interest” will be. In the comics, Batman has actually had a plethora of girlfriends throughout the decades. That being said, here’s a list of five characters who could potentially be Bruce’s love interest in “Batman vs. Superman”—starting with a familiar face.

Vicki Vale
Arguably one of Bruce’s most famous girlfriends (besides Catwoman), Vicki Vale is a journalist and reporter for the Gotham Gazette. On several occasions now, she has come very close to deducing that Batman and Bruce Wayne are the same person. Kim Basinger portrayed Vicki Vale in the 1989 “Batman” film, in which she actually learned of Batman’s secret identity.

Jezebel Jet
Created by the great Grant Morrison, Jezebel Jet is a former model turned ruler of a small African country. Like Bruce, she’s rich, loves skiing, and had her parents killed at an early age. Sounds almost too good to be true, right? It is. During the events of “Batman R.I.P.” it’s revealed that Jezebel Jet was just another pawn of the nefarious Black Glove Society all along.

Julie Madison
Bruce Wayne’s first girlfriend, Julie Madison, first appeared way back in 1939. She’s a young socialite who was engaged to Bruce at one point and often found herself in grave danger. Julie’s first appearance saw her getting kidnapped by a vampiric Monk with an intense hatred for Batman. Julie never quite figures out Bruce’s secret and, eventually, decides to call their wedding off because she thinks that he isn’t mature enough for her. She was played by Elle Macpherson in “Batman and Robin,” although most of her scenes were cut out.

Silver St. Cloud
Another well-off socialite, Silver St. Cloud stands apart from the rest of Bruce’s rich ex-girlfriends for one key reason: she is one of a very select few to deduce that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Not only doesn’t Silver figure out Bruce’s secret before he has the chance to tell her, but she also genuinely breaks his heart by dumping him before he has the chance to dump her.

Wonder Woman
I know it’s a long shot, but hear me out. Bruce and Diana do have an on-again, off-again relationship and they are both founding members of the Justice League. Given the fact that “Superman vs. Batman” takes place before the “Justice League” movie, with no “Wonder Woman” movie in sight, couldn’t Warner Bros. just kill two birds with one stone and introduce them both in the “Man of Steel” sequel? I mean, think of the possibilities! Maybe she could even be introduced as just Diana with her real identity being revealed towards the end of the film.

Who do you want to see in “Superman vs. Batman”? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter!

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