Tony Stark's JARVIS Interface Coming To An iOS Device Near You


by Brett White

If you want to live a little bit more like Tony Stark, but don't want all of the pesky attention from the media and super villains, then this is the app for you. Marvel has announced that they are releasing a JARVIS app for iOS devices to tie-in with "Iron Man 3's" Blu-ray release.

JARVIS, voiced again by actor Paul Bettany, will act as "Iron Man 3's" second screen experience, allowing users to pull up all 42 of Tony Stark's armors via the Armor Gallery and giving them access to exclusive content. The app even allows viewers to control the Blu-ray through a built-in remote or—in true Tony Stark fashion—with their voice.

But JARVIS' impact on your life won't be limited to just the two hours you spend watching Iron Man's latest adventure. No, JARVIS can truly be your digital butler by posting to Facebook for you and checking time and local weather, as well as pulling up a wide variety of other media. Of course, who knows what could happen to this app should JARVIS turn out to be Ultron's precursor, as theorized. Just be sure to keep an eye out for the app gaining sentience and/or plotting world domination.

Here are some examples of the JARVIS interface.




You can check out even more examples of JARVIS' look over at].

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