'The Dark Knight Rises' Meets 'Batman '66' In Stop-Motion Video

by Brett White

If you weren't aware, we're a big fan of "Batman '66" around these parts. Thanks to the show's constant presence in reruns on networks like Nick @ Nite and TV Land, the retro adventures of the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder hold a special place in this here editor's heart—so this stop motion reimagining does as well.

Filmmaker Kyle Roberts, who you may remember from his incredible stop motion animated "X-Men" credits, turned his attention towards Adam West's Batman using the newly-released action figures. On top of that, the opening credits feature a wraparound inspired by "The Dark Knight Rises." Yes, that's two vastly different Bat-flavors in one great video! Check out the animated opening credits below, and if you need a reminder of what the series' original credits looked like, then check out the Comics On TV entry on "Batman '66"! And no, the original credits did not feature Shaggy, Zorak, and Spock.

[via Comics Alliance]

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