Loki Burdened With Glorious, Cookie-Centric Purpose In New PBS Clip

Tom Hiddleston

by Brett White

Tom Hiddleston really doesn't have to do anything else to prove that he's an awesome guy. Everything he does is great, from giving a heartfelt acceptance speech at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards to appearing in character at San Diego Comic-Con, to just being a super great guy to interview. It is impossible for fans to swoon for the Hiddles any harder than they already do.

Oh, what's that? Tom Hiddleston just appeared in a video alongside Cookie Monster teaching the famous Muppet all about delayed gratification? Right, okay, Hiddleston fans, set your Swoons to swooooooon and check out the video after the jump.

"I just made the correlation between your name and what I'm about to eat." Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

Tom Hiddleston appears as Loki next in "Thor: The Dark World," which opens in theaters on November 8th. If waiting two more months starts to get you down, just watch this clip again and remember Tom's lesson about delayed gratification.

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