Rumor: Taylor Swift To Enlist In 'Secret Service'

Taylor Swift

by Brett White

UK tabloid The Mirror has a big scoop if it turns out to be true. According to their inside source, country pop phenomenon Taylor Swift will be joining the cast of "Secret Service," director Matthew Vaughn's next collaboration with comic book creator Mark Millar following their 2010 hit "Kick-Ass."

The film would mark Swift's biggest movie role to date, as well as one of her first high-profile acting gigs. Aside from hosting "Saturday Night Live" in 2009 and a few appearances on shows like "CSI" and "New Girl," the singer's mainly stepped in front of a camera to perform and win awards. According to The Mirror, Swift's character will be kidnapped by the villain, played by Samuel L. Jackson.

Swift isn't the only big name rumored to appear in the film. The production has apparently reached out to a number of big name UK celebrities to help flesh out the very-British-indeed world of "The Secret Service." David Beckham, Adele, and Elton John all have cameo parts in the film—if they agree to be in the film, that is. There's not been any official word yet about whether or not any of these stars will be in this film, and different sites are all reporting different things, so we'll just stick with "rumor" until something more official comes along.

"Secret Service" follows the story of an irresponsible young screw-up, played by Taron Egerton, who gets involved with the British Secret Service and learns how to become a James Bond-esque superspy with the help of Colin Firth's experienced secret agent character.

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