'Kick-Ass 2': Mark Millar Has His Eyes On Completing The Trilogy

by Brett White

Well "Kick-Ass" fans, it looks like you might get to see a third and final installment in Dave Lizewski's heroic journey. "Kick-Ass" writer and co-creator Mark Millar recently told Yahoo! Movies about his plans for the foul-mouthed franchise, plans that include a natural end date.

"I'd always planned it as three books and three movies," said Millar. "I've just about finished the book. I'll be finished in about a week or two's time, and that's the end. It's weird because my agent keeps saying to me, 'We made a lot of money here, let's do 'Kick-Ass 4 and 5.'" Millar explains in the video below that to go past a third installment would betray his original plans for the character. Check out the whole interview below.

One can't take the existence of the "Kick-Ass 3" comic as a guarantee of a third film. A few other places are reporting this interview as a revelation that a third film is a done deal, but that's not what Millar is talking about. Unless there are bits of this interview I'm not privy to, he's talking about wrapping up the comic book trilogy, and that he always hoped to make three movies.

A sequel to "Kick-Ass 2" is not a given considering how lukewarm response has been to the film. The sequel has only made $24 million domestically, meaning that it's only recouped it's budget thanks to it's performance overseas—which only brings the film's grand total up to $40.2 million worldwide. The first film finished up domestically with twice as big of a domestic haul and a worldwide total just shy of $100 million.

Granted, these haven't been expensive films to make, and the sequel's budget was reportedly just under that of the original. The original "Kick-Ass" proved to have a successful life on DVD, which could be the same for "Kick-Ass 2." So while "Kick-Ass 3" is not a certainty, it's not dead yet.

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