'Guardians Of The Galaxy': Chris Pratt Comes Clean To TV-Wife Aubrey Plaza

Pratt Plaza

by Brett White

IGN caught up with Chris Pratt on the set of "Parks and Recreation" where, after discussing the upcoming sixth season of the downright fantastic NBC sitcom, the conversation turned towards "Guardians of the Galaxy." Aubrey Plaza, who plays Pratt's wife April Ludgate, was also present, resulting in some fantastic dry interactions between the pair—including one where Pratt admitted to having some extraterrestrial relations.

Plaza: Do you get to have sex with an alien?

Pratt: Yes.

Plaza: What!?

Pratt: A couple.

Plaza: Cool. Have you shot those scenes yet?

Pratt: I can’t get too much into what we’ve shot.

Plaza: All right. Will you show me later?

Pratt: Yeah, I’ll show you.

Plaza also revealed that playing the lead in a big budget Marvel movie hasn't gone to Pratt's affable head. "Yeah, he is a total diva," teased Plaza. "He's just ordering everyone around. It is so obnoxious! No, he's the same." Plaza then learned Pratt's character's name—possibly for the first time. "Who's Star-Lord? Is that your character?"

So it doesn't look like Pratt is boring everyone on the "Parks" set with slideshows and anecdotes from his film shoot in the UK, Cliff Clavin in Florida-style (you bet I've been waiting months to find an appropriate place for a "Cheers" reference on Splash Page). He did have a bit to say about "Guardians'" tone, though.

"Yeah, I think tone is the major thing we have to accomplish, a consistent tone, going from silly and comedic to high-stakes drama and action, and everything in between. It’s really up to [director] James [Gunn], and I trust everything that he's doing. I think we're getting good stuff. I don't know what to say about it other than it might be... Oh! It's the greatest movie of the 21st century! That's what I'll say. It'll be the 'Citizen Kane' of movies other than 'Citizen Kane.'"

Big promises, Mr. Pratt! Check out the rest of the interview over at IGN.

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