'Thor: The Dark World' Mini-Trailer: Hiddleston Unpacks The Meaning Behind The Slap


by Brett White

Remember how awesome the last "Thor: The Dark World" trailer was? Now you can relive all of those great moments again in this quick, sixty second mini-trailer that takes all the best moments from that trailer and packs them together for maximum impact, including the now infamous slap! Tom Hiddleston spoke to MTV News about the now infamous encounter between Loki and Natalie Portman's Jane Foster, calling their relationship "fascinating."

"Loki and Jane never actually met in the first film," said Hiddleston. "At the end of Kenneth Branagh's 'Thor' film, Loki says to Thor, 'What happened to you on Earth that turned you so soft? Don't tell me it was that woman.' At which point, Thor's hand grips tighter around Mjolnir, and Loki says, 'Oh it was. Maybe when we're finished here, I'll pay her a visit myself.' That becomes the impetus for the enormous fight they have at the end of the film, so there's been this unspoken relationship between Loki and Jane, but they've never actually met. And I think there's a huge amount of mileage to be had in whatever that spark is between them. Jane knows about Loki, Loki knows about Jane, and what happens when we get the two of them in a room together."

Check out the slap in the mini-trailer after the jump!

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