'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Watch: Vin Diesel Explains How He Became Groot

Vin Diesel

If a tree falls in outer space, does it make a sound? It sure does — and it sounds like Vin Diesel.

The "Fast and Furious" actor is all but officially locked and loaded for the role of Groot in "Guardians of the Galaxy," ending weeks and weeks of rumors connecting Diesel to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it turns out that Groot was not the role Diesel and Marvel initially came together for.

"What we were initially talking about was a fresh IP," the actor told The Hollywood Reporter. "That was the focus of our conversation — a fresh IP that would come out in 2016 or 2017 and potentially launch a third phase [of the Marvel Cinematic Universe]."

"When we went to Comic-Con, we realized people wanted something a little more immediate," he continued. "With my production slate and schedule, it was almost impossible to imagine I could do anything immediate. But I guess after they watched 'Iron Giant,' they come up with this idea of taking the strangest Marvel character we know, or the strangest Marvel character to ever hit film, and they thought about what I could do with that with motion-capture and my voice. That's what they presented. It's something that's interesting, and a really great idea on behalf of Marvel. Now it's just up to my reps to allow that to happen."

Diesel's comments fall in line with Kevin Feige's own remarks during Comic-Con, that whatever Marvel was planning with Diesel was so far out that it might never happen. Sounds like Feige and the Marvel team caught a bad enough case of Diesel fever to bring the actor into their circle earlier than planned.

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