'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Twitter Report: 22 Takes, 1 Awesome Sequence


by Brett White

How director James Gunn still has time to interact with fans, answer questions, and tweet while also directing "Guardians of the Galaxy," I'll never know. Just earlier today we reported on how he went on record saying that the "Guardians" footage from SDCC will not be released online in any official capacity, and he has just now tweeted about some footage that we desperately want to see.

One shot? Are you kidding me? It's like every day I reach new levels of excitement for this movie

Whether or not this one-shot action sequence will outdo the one in "Marvel's the Avengers" remains to be seen. Still, it sounds like this is a true one shot action scene whereas the one in "Avengers" composited a ton of individual scenes together to form the iconic moment. This tweet—and the twenty-two takes—leads us to believe that there will be minimal computer trickery in this Gunn-directed sequence.

If you're not following the "Guardians" director and cast on Twitter, not only are you missing cool behind the scenes update like the one above, you're also missing things like Chris Pratt wishing Dave Bautista a happy birthday.

And if you are following the cast on Twitter, make sure you add newly-added actor Gregg Henry to your list. Henry has so far had roles in Gunn's previous two films, "Super" and "Slither," and now joins the director in outer space/London. Of course there's no word on who the actor is playing, so let the speculation begin!

Who is your favorite "Guardians" cast or crew person to follow on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter!

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