Fantastic Four/X-Men: 4 Team-Ups Fit For Film

Fantastic Four X-Men

by Brett White

Mark Millar, Fox's creative consultant on all things Marvel, revealed yesterday that the company's big two franchises—X-Men and Fantastic Four—may be on a collision course. The big name comic book writer said, "Without question I think you have to see some of these guys showing up in each other's movies." With Fox seemingly building their own universe in the style of Marvel Studios' Marvel Cinematic Universe, one has to wonder how the two teams will interact with each other.

The most obvious place to look to learn how Marvel's mutants interact with Marvel's first family has to be the comics, where a few team-ups—and clashes—have taken place over the past few decades. After the jump, we take a look at four such stories and examine how they could work as Fox's Marvel Universe expands on the big screen.

"Fantastic Four vs. X-Men" #1-4 (1987)

With the X-Man Kitty Pryde left in a permanently intangible state, her teammates find themselves having to choose between forcing Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four to help cure her, or turn to the willing—and evil—Dr. Doom for help. This set-up could work in a film, and having the X-Men seek help for a problem beyond their means would be a great way to introduce Mr. Fantastic and his arch-rival, Doom. And while the limited series tackles its fair share of moral dilemmas, there's also enough in-fighting to fill any spectacle quotient.

"Onslaught" (1996)

When Professor X goes over the edge and a mental construct of his called Onslaught threatens to endanger all of Earth, every superhero on the planet has to come together to stop him. In the original comic book story, this meant the X-Men getting assistance from heroes like the Avengers and Spider-Man as well, but their film rights will keep them out of this story if it gets adapted. In the end, the Fantastic Four ended up seemingly sacrificing their lives—alongside every other non-mutant hero—to stop Onslaught, but they're actually whisked away to a pocket dimension created by Reed Richards and Sue Storm's mutant child, Franklin.

"Uncanny X-Men/Fantastic Four '98" (1998)

This rather forgettable team-up from the late '90s does contain something that any FF/X team-up movie has to contain: a poker game. Sure, the two teams join forces to fight a version of the evil Psycho-Man, but what's really notable has to be the way all of the different heroes interact and hang out with each other. Wolverine and Thing always prove to be an interesting pair every time they hang out, as does Beast and Mr. Fantastic. Yes fans want to see heroes throw down, but I think seeing them have fun together is just as important.

"X-Men/Fantastic Four" #1-5 (2005)

This series finds the two teams checking in on a space station after it falls victim to a mysterious attacker. Little do the heroes know that the horrific alien species known as the Brood are behind it all. This story has many elements—like the outer space setting and xenomorph-esque bad guys—that would make a movie visually interesting and unlike any Marvel movie we've ever seen from any studio. With large-scale team-up movies possibly becoming the norm, this might be the way to differentiate Fox's installment from the rest.

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