'Man Of Steel' Blu-ray Hits Stores On November 12th

Man of Steel

by Brett White

To say that "Man of Steel" did pretty well at the box office would be an understatement; the movie was huge and proved that DC can have success with a character who is not Batman. Now fans will be able to relive their favorite moments from "Man of Steel" (Jor-El's thrilling Krypton chase? Lois Lane blasting away Kryptonians? Everything with Faora?) in the comfort of their own home when "Man of Steel" hits stores on November 12th.

The film will be released in a few different ways, including a Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, a Blu-ray Combo Pack, a DVD 2-disc Special Edition, and as a 3D Limited Collector's Edition. For those of you trying hard to decide which one to buy, full disclosure time: the 3D Limited Collector's Edition does come with a limited release metal "S" glyph with lucite glass stand. Pictures and information about the special features can be found after the jump.




The Blu-ray releases will all feature the following special features, while the DVD release will only contain the latter three featurettes.

· Journey of Discovery: Creating "Man of Steel" - This immersive feature-length experience allows you to watch the movie with director Zack Snyder and stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane and others as they share the incredible journey to re-imagine Superman.

· Planet Krypton - The world's first exploration of Krypton and its lost society.

· Strong Characters, Legendary Roles - Explore the legendary characters of the Superman mythology and how they have evolved in this new iteration of the Superman story.

· All-Out Action - Go inside the intense training regimen that sculpted Henry Cavill into the Man of Steel and Michael Shannon and Antje Traue into his Kyptonian nemeses. Includes interviews with cast and crew.

· Krypton Decoded - Dylan Sprayberry (Clark Kent, age 13) gives the lowdown on all the amazing Krypton tech, weapons and spaceships featured in "Man of Steel."

If this release is anything like "Iron Man 3's," then we can expect to start seeing clips from the featurettes about a month before the Blu-ray hits stores on November 12th.

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