Boom! Studios' 'Day Men' Optioned Following Success Of '2 Guns'

Day Men

by Brett White

Watch out Marvel, because it looks like Boom! Studios is on the way up. Following fellow Boom! Studios alum "2 Guns'" #1 debut at the box office, it looks like the indie publisher could be poised for even more film adaptations. Deadline has reported that "Day Men"—by Matt Gagnon, Michael Alan Nelson, and Brian Stelfreze—has been optioned by Universal in what's reported to be a pre-emptive seven-figure bid.

The series follows a covert group of humans charged with protecting vampires while they sleep during the day, a plan that gets all kinds of messed up when when things get heated between two rival vampire families. The crazy thing is, this series has one issue out and just debuted from Boom! Studios last month. Now that's a quick turnaround, especially considering how long properties like "Preacher" have been hanging out, waiting for the movie treatment.

Apparently Universal hopes to turn the concept into a long-running franchise, similar in execution to "Blade" or "Resident Evil." Overseeing this fledgling franchise will be Boom! CEO Ross Richie and VP of Development Stephen Christy, who will act as producers; Universal Executive Vice President Scott Bernstein will be handling the project over on Universal's end.

Boom! Studios has made a name for itself with licensed comics for "Adventure Time," "Farscape," and—my personal favorite of theirs—"Planet of the Apes." They also published Disney's comics before the company acquired Marvel, producing some well-received books for "Darkwing Duck" and "The Muppets." But where original Boom! ideas are concerned, film studios will find many more great original concepts waiting to get the big screen treatment. "Hypernaturals," "Higher Earth," and "Irredeemable" would all make for great films, so fingers crossed they're next on the list.

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