'Preacher': Director D.J. Caruso Still Attached To Vertigo Adaptation


by Brett White

With a film adaptation of fellow Vertigo comic series "Fables" getting some momentum behind it, fans have hoped that this would lead to more films based on high-profile series from DC Comics' mature readers imprint. Comics like "Preacher," "Sandman" and "Y: The Last Man" have been languishing for close to a decade now, if not longer. Now, thanks to iamROGUE's interview with "Disturbia" and "Eagle Eye" director D.J. Caruso, we have an update about "Preacher"—even if it's really just more of the same.

"I'm still attached to 'Preacher' and we're wrestling with Sony because I got another movie at Sony called 'Invertigo,' which is a big action film we're trying to get going this summer," said Caruso. "So 'Preacher' got put on the back burner, but we're still involved with 'Preacher' and hopefully we'll have some good news on that soon. Todd August wrote a great script. I think it's one of those features that has to kind of go through the studio system if it's going to be made for a certain price. So we're kind of revisiting a way to approach making the movie in the right way."

Caruso was first rumored to direct "Preacher" way back in February 2011, before confirming the news later that month via a tweet. This is the first we've heard of the script being written by Todd August. "Skyfall" director Sam Mendes was previously attached to the script—that is, until he gave up on it citing the property's offbeat tone.

"I could not find a way of making Preacher—tonally it’s a very difficult thing to make work, and there’s a reason why it’s struggled so much," Mendes said to Collider back in November 2012. "It’s a brilliant graphic novel, I loved it, but a lot of it takes place in the real world and we’re surrounded now by fantasy and superhero genre pictures which are full of eye candy. And actually, Preacher is much more real world, it’s more of a Southern Gothic with elements of the fantastic in it; it’s a quite difficult thing to balance. So it wasn't just that I sort of walked away from it because they wouldn't pay for it or anything like that, it was because I couldn't really make it work, I couldn't find a way of defining what it was onscreen."

It's reassuring to know that a script has been written and that the director attached to the project is seemingly behind it, but it's still kind of a bummer that this "Preacher" update is like pretty much every other Vertigo movie update. There's a director or writer attached, things are moving, but there's no real news just yet. The last Vertigo adaptation to be released was 2010's "The Losers," and it looks like "Fables" could be the next one if it doesn't lose momentum.

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