'Amazing Spider-Man 2': New Production Photos Tease Sinister Six

Amazing Spider-Man 2

by Brett White

A whole new batch of "Amazing Spider-Man 2" production photos have been revealed, showing off a couple new shots of Paul Giamatti's pre-Rhino bad guy and Dane DeHaan. Stan Lee even makes another appearance in a photo most likely taken while filming his cameo appearance back in June.

But the real surprise is the appearance of the phrase "Sinister Six" on a wall in one photo. Fans have been speculating for a while now that the Spider franchise is building up to the super villain team up to end all others, but this seems too obvious, right? Could this just be an in-joke or Easter egg? You can check out the pictures after the jump and judge for yourself, and you can find even more pics over at Super Hero Hype


That's a pretty big Easter egg if it is one. It has to have something to do with the film's production, as I cannot come up with an in-universe reason for that to be painted on a building's wall. Even if the six bad guys formed a team, I doubt they'd have a lair that needed tagging. This isn't '60s "Batman," after all. "Sinister" could be an Oscorp product, and there could be a "Sinister 5" and "Sinister 7" just outside of this photo, but that doesn't really add up either. We'll have to wait and find out when the film opens on May 2nd, 2014.





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